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Clotta™ is an emergency trauma haemostat dressing that clots blood as opposed to just stopping the bleed. There are no subsequent re-bleeds and therefore can save many lives.

Our products have been formulated using years of scientific expertise and research to have the optimum performance characteristics for each clinical application. They are designed to meet the specific needs of customers and deliver tangible benefits over existing products when used.

Please see below examples of just a few of our endorsements and testimonies:

“As Medical Director of CambCol, and emeritus Professor of Clinical Traumatology at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, I have seen the outstanding feedback on the Clotta™ product used within Ukraine on the battlefield and in surgery. The product has outperformed the current haemostatic offerings, and Clotta™ is truly a revolutionary haemostatic agent embracing science with its platelet upregulating capability and its antimicrobial properties, reducing risk of infection and sepsis, as well as it’s ability to be used from minor to major bleeding. The Clotta™ product is something that ambulances, hospitals and the military need in their arsenal and should also be included within civilian first aid kits.”

Professor Sir Keith Porter


"I recently cut my thumb quite deeply whilst preparing our evening meal. The wound started to bleed heavily, and I simply could not stop it. After half an hour and my thumb still bleeding as strongly I remembered I had a Haemostatic Collagen Sponge called Clotta™. I cut a small corner off the sponge, pressed it onto the open wound and to my absolute surprise the bleeding stopped within less than two minutes.  I was then able to dress the wound properly with non-adhesive covering and bandages. I was considering going to A&E when I remembered that I had this product. The Clotta™ Haemostatic Collagen Sponge enabled me to treat the wound at home and avoid a trip to an already very overstretched A&E department. I will definitely stock up on this incredible product." 

Figen Murray OBE

Mother of Martyn Hett; one of the 22 who lost their lives at the Manchester Arena Terror Attack; and Founder of Martyn's Law.



CambCol is a Cambridgeshire-based company that has developed a range of high quality, medical collagen products to provide benefits across a range of applications.

To support NHS and government efforts to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also re-purposed our factory and are producing hand sanitiser to the widely proven World Health Organisation formulation 1, containing 80% alcohol.



CambCol Ltd are currently supporting the war effort by suppling our CLOTTA™ collagen emergency haemostatic sponge via humanitarian corridors into Ukraine.

We have received some amazing feedback of the product out of the Ukraine. (Best fit translation below.)


“Hey! According to Clotta (sponges), they were checked in battlefield conditions in the north-eastern direction of the border of Kharkov and Donetsk regions. I asked a question […] and the lad said that he would ask the doctors for more information […]. They explained to me more clearly why this thing (Clotta) is good, it not only stops the bleeding but also preserves damaged tissues, which allows to heal the wound site and allows to avoid, in many cases, suppuration and amputation of the limbs. They said that material of the similar class – the current leading [REDACTED] bandage – stops the blood but kills the tissues around the wound. So, it is possible to save life but with consequences. Well, they also said that this is not the first application experience of both materials […] they have got, and it is better to use the larger sponge for wider or special cases they have got there.”




9th-12th September 2025

CambCol Ltd will be exhibiting at DSEI Defence & Security Event in 2025, with our CLOTTA™ Collagen Emergency Haemostat products.

If you have security clearance, please do join us at the ExCeL London Arena between 9th to 12th September 2025.

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