A breakthrough in stopping bleeding fast

CLOTTA, an exciting new, highly effective emergency haemostat that utilises the natural clotting properties of Collagen to deliver fast clotting for use in life-threatening arterial or major bleeds.

Designed for use by military medics, civilian emergency services and the NHS,  it is an easy to use, fast-acting and highly cost-effective way of stopping bleeding in wounds, accidents or during surgery. Made of collagen, which occurs naturally in the body, it is less likely to cause allergies and granulation issues than many of the other products used to encourage fast clotting.

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CambCol are proud to announce that we are sponsoring CUBC

The Boat Race 2021

Supporting the safe return of major British sporting events

CambCol are proud to be providing all crews, coaches, staff and facilities with hand and surface sanitiser. These supplies will help to ensure that the races can be run safely during these testing times.

The 166th Men’s and 75th Women’s Boat Race take place on Sunday 4th April 2021 on the River Great Ouse at Ely, Cambridgeshire.  Cambridge are currently the defending champions in the Men’s and Women’s Races

For more information, follow the link below to read our blog on The Boat Race 2021: